Friday, January 15, 2010

Surprise, Surprise!

This week was good. Very good. I'm still learning at work, but I was able to wrap up all six missions I'd been assigned -- on time! I even had time to go over them to make sure I had the text correct and a bunch of other details that needed a double-check. I was very happy with my progress.

At home tonight (Friday) I watched a movie from Netflix (Green Lantern: First Flight, if you care), then talked to Julia for a while. She was feeling kinda low because she's feeling the effects of not taking her medicine anymore. She decided a few days ago to stop taking her pills this weekend and since it's a narcotic, she'll suffer some withdrawal. So, we talked and eventually she suggested I come home this weekend. I looked up the fares and they didn't seem too bad, so I bought a ticket and I'm headed back to Seattle at 9:35 tomorrow (Saturday) morning! And I have a trip home planned for next weekend, too! (It helps that I had a $300 voucher for being bumped off a flight in December.)

So, that's my weekend! Monday is a holiday at work, so I'll return Tuesday morning just in time to get back to it.

I'd planned to have a relaxing weekend, but now I get to have a whole different sort of relaxing weekend. Woohoo!


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