Thursday, February 25, 2010

Been Too Long

I was just about to get up form the computer for the night when I realized I hadn't posted anything here in well over a week, so here I am.

The big reason I didn't post earlier in the week or last weekend id because I went back to Seattle last Thursday night and was there until Monday morning. When I return from those trips I always have a lot of catching up to do; laundry, email, work, and freelancing, so Monday night was filled with that. Tuesday I ran my weekly game, and Wednesday, who knows? I forgot.

Even tonight, I was busy editing the very last chapter of my big assignment after finalizing the rest of the book with the writer. It's looking fantastic and I'll be very excited when I can finally announce what I'm working on.

As for last weekend; it was my Valentine's present weekend for Julia since I wasn't around for the actual holiday. We did all the normal running around and taking care of things, but most importantly, we spent a couple of days in the garden. I used the pick-axe (yes, a pick-axe) to break up five big sections of the back yard and then mixed in ten bags of compost to create some raised beds so Julia can plant some vegetables this year. She's very excited to give it a try and there was no way she could grow things in our clay-like ground without the whole pick-axe thing happening.

We also went to a class at a local nursery to learn about growing berry bushes. We have a couple of raspberries planted already, but I also bought her two blueberry bushes which should be a lot of fun. They're different varieties, one blooms early in the year and the other blooms later, but they recommend getting two different kinds to aid in pollination. Apparently we'll end up with better and larger berries this way.

Sunday we went to my sister- and brother-in-law's brother-in-law's funeral (I'll wait while you parse that out). It was very sad and an odd thing to go to during an otherwise fun and light weekend. It's pretty sad story because he was 50 and left behind a wife and a six-year-old son. Both of whom will soon be homeless due to medical bills. Whee.

Saturday night, Julia and I met up with Kim, Kevin, and their daughter Samantha for sushi at a new place in Renton. It's a sister store to the one we went to in Hawaii on our honeymoon, so that was fun -- and the food was very good. I love sushi. Kim had a bunch of figures for me for a miniatures game I play (or want to play more of, at least). She had WAY more figures than I'd ever expected, so I've spent some of this week assembling them. That's been nice because it's sort of nice to have a project that doesn't involve sitting in front of the computer. When they're all assembled I get to paint them, and considering how many I have to paint, I think I'll be done in 2020. But I might surprise myself. (Oh, if you're curious what the figures are, it's for a game called Warmachine and I have some pictures of the things I've already painted in my Flickr stream in the right-hand column.)

Okay, time for me to play with those little metal men and super-glue, then hit the sack.


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