Thursday, November 04, 2010

Playing Along At Home?

For those of you playing along at home... Julia and I have been talking over the last couple of weeks and over the weekend we came to a decision. So, I'll be moving home in a couple of weeks. Actually at this point it's only a week and a half away.

I gave my notice this past Monday and everyone at work was very understanding. They knew my situation and knew I wasn't going to be around forever. They've also been great about helping me get the things I had at the office back to my apartment so I could box them up. As of tonight I have everything home except for a few things that will be easy for me to carry or need to stay until the last day.

Julia suggested I take the train back instead of renting a car and when I looked into it more I found out it might be possible to do that. On the plus side, it'll probably only cost about $400 and that includes transporting all of my stuff. On the negative side, I'd be limited to a total of six 36"x36"x36" boxes that weigh no more than 50 lbs. That could be tricky as I have fair number of heavy gaming books here. Even so, I'm going to try to box everything up this weekend. Amtrak has boxes for sale and one of the guys from work has agreed to take me to pick them up. Hopefully I won't buy six huge boxes and then not be able to do it, but I guess it's better to take the chance. Plus, I'm kind of excited about taking the train. It's not often that it's the right way to travel.

Oh, and about the trip. I'd leave San Jose about 8:40 on either Saturday or Sunday (I haven't decided yet) and arrive the next evening around the same time in Seattle. I'd probably pay to get my own room, so that I can sleep with my CPAP machine. I figure that would be for the best because otherwise I'll be snoring and not getting very good sleep, which doesn't sound like fun on a trip like this.

Anyway, we'll have to see how that works out, but I'd really like to do it that way as opposed to driving for two days by myself.

As for work, I'll be working full-time as a developer for Green Ronin. I have been doing that work in my free time, but they were cool with me transitioning to full-time and they understand I'll be looking for freelance and full-time work while I'm doing stuff for them. Julia and I will be living like hermits until I can start bringing in some more money again, so finding more work will be a big part of my time.

Okay, that's enough for now. I may get a chance to post before I leave, but if I don't, the next time you read words here, I'll be back in Seattle. In my home. With my wife. I'm definitely looking forward to that!


At November 05, 2010 5:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

WooHOO!! You're moving home!! WooHo... Waitaminnit. That doesn't mean what I thought it meant. But you'll be happier, so that's cool!



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