Sunday, June 23, 2002

I did some big chunks of writing here last week and then took the rest of the week off. I hope some of you are continuing to check the site. It's a good way to keep up on what I'm up to.

Actually, I didn't have too much to say for the rest of the week. I went to the gym Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday -- and I'm happy to report that I've actually lost some weight in the past week or so. I'm happy about that and hope I can continue to do this well moving forward. I've been stuck at about the same weight for a year and it's been awfully frustrating, but now I've added more days as well as more intense sessions to my routine. If this keeps up I may have to take a job at the gym! I laugh at that now, but if I have to keep increasing the length and intensity of my workouts, well, it looks a bit daunting.

Other than that I went to see Minority Report Saturday night with some people from work. It was excellent. I highly recommend it. The previews played it up as an action movie, but it's really more of a speculative, hard-boiled detective story (maybe not so hard-boiled). Regardless, it's very good. Lots of twists. Other than the story, which I'm not going to talk about, I really appreciated the thought that went into the technology of the film. Everything from the "mouse-gloves" to the retina scanners to the weapons to the phones were well thought-out and executed.

Despite all of my "revelations" last week, I've still been having a hard time with not having any close friends here. It stresses me out a lot and I really have to work on 1) either getting some friends, or 2) relaxing about it. I was so stressed at the end of last week about it that I couldn't sleep well and was making myself naseous. That was pleasant. As a result I think I made some bad decisions with regards to some people here at work, but, it's too late to change that now. Recover. Move forward. Adapt. Hopefully they understand my position and can forgive my insistance.

Once again I have to give serious thought to moving back home to take a job there. Given the paragraph I just wrote above, it seems like a no-brainer, but I really like what I'm doing here. It's just so damn hard to feel alone all the time.

Thanks to everyone from everywhere that wrote me last week. I thanked you all individually, but I want to thank you here, too. It means a lot to know I have such great people pulling for me.

See you next time.


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