Tuesday, June 11, 2002

I posted Sunday afternoon and then went out and did something interesting. I was thinking of going to see Bad Company, with Anthony Hopkins and Chris Rock, but then remembered that the SIFF (Seattle International Film Festival) was going on, so I checked the schedule, printed out a map, and headed over to the Broadway Performance Hall to see A Dream in Hanoi. I showed up a few minutes early and didn't have a ticket so I had to wait in line behind the only other person who didn't have a pass already, until a man walked over and asked, "Who's here alone?" A bit skeptically I said I was and he offered me a ticket for $6.00 instead of $8.00 because he had a number of extra tickets -- all of which were being sold to a group of attractive young women. Fine by me. We all went in, paid him, and watched the movie. It was an interesting glimpse into how cultural differences can clash over something like the interpretation of a character or how to put on a play. Very cool.

Monday was a busy day at work as I started work on the next expansion to one of our games and then went to the gym. My shin is feeling fine and hopefully whatever problems I was having are all done now. I hope so, I really missed hitting the gym. After work I stopped by the bike store and picked up my bike, which I dropped off Saturday for a tune up. $45 dollars later I have a clean, fresh, and tuned bike. Tonight I'm going to go for a ride or a walk depending on how the ride goes. I haven't been on a bike in maybe a decade or more and I'm not sure how it'll go.

I picked up the Buffy, The Vampire Slayer Second Season DVD set today -- for product research, believe it or not -- so I'll probably watch a couple episodes tonight.

Seth posted a couple of things on his blog today. The first thing I liked was the cartoon about selling babies. Damn funny! I have to get a copy of that from him. The second thing that caught my interest was The Century Club. It got me to thinking about the countries I've visited. Just for fun, I'll list them here (in chronological order of my visit):

United States
Belgium (to be fair, airport only)
Cyprus (both Greek and Turkish sides)
England (again, airport only)

I think that puts me at about 8% of the way to being a member of the club, and only 2.4% of the way toward visiting the 314 countries they list as "countries" -- and some of those are pretty iffy.


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