Sunday, June 09, 2002

I finally made it back to the gym Saturday morning (and again on Sunday). I was happy to see that I had lost a couple of pounds and my shin mostly behaved itself. I talked to one of the trainers and he said my shins hurt because I'm walking incorrectly. My thought is that I've been walking incorrectly for years and my new shoes are trying to correct that. So, I'll take it easy with the walking. I'm happy to hear I can still hit the gym regularly without experiencing annoying pain.

Sorry I haven't updated in a while. I haven't been spending quite as much time at work, and the time I spend here tends to be a lot more productive. Right now I have to design a game based on a license and it occupies a lot of my mind. Y'know, I go through the day normally and interact with people, but constantly in the back of my mind I'm thinking about the design of this game. It's okay with me, but I have this constant furrow on my brow and people always ask me what's up. It's kind of funny. I've come up with a couple of good ideas, so that's good.

I've spent a lot of time this last week working on a couple of our different games and it's gone well. I was here very late Thursday proofing some of the dials for the new DC game. It took a long time, but ultimately I think it was worth it. I left at 1:30 Friday morning and was back by 9:00, but, hey, so what?

Friday night was the second dinner night that I and a couple of people from work are having. We had a good time and some excellent food and drinks. I think I'm starting to like wine. It seems odd, but I'm happy about it. I always wanted to enjoy it, but haven't before the last month or so. Too bad I don't know anything about wine, otherwise I could pick out my own. Oh, well, maybe I can check some things out and do some learnin' on my own.

I'm kinda strapped for cash at the moment because I found out that I was supposed to be paying for my electricity for the last 6 months and instead it was billed to the aparment manager. So, there goes $450 that wasn't budgeted. Happily, I'll be getting a bonus at the end of the week! Woohoo! I can use it.

It looks like I won't be headed back to the Midwest in July like I thought. Instead, I'll make it back in the first week or two of August (during and after GenCon). So, I'll get to spend some time with friends and family then. That'll be good.

Nothing else too exciting happening. I'll update when I have something to say.


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