Friday, June 28, 2002

I went an bought a bunch of books for research purposes last night and then stopped at an evil Starbucks near my house to look through them and enjoy some tasty water -- I don't drink coffee. After that I was going to sit around at home and read through more of the books, but instead I decided to go for a walk...and I found this huge park in the middle of Bellevue that I didn't know existed. It was pretty cool. I definitely have to check it out when the sun's out. Which, it wasn't at 10:30 when I started my walk.


I'm still stressing about some things, but at this point I think it's self-perpetuating. I think there's a problem, so I stress about it. I'm really sick of having this big ball of stress in the pit of my stomach. Blech. Boy, I say, boy, deal with it!


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