Sunday, June 30, 2002

I went home last night and didn't want to sit around and do nothing, so instead I went for a walk at around 11:00 for, I dunno, forty minutes. Then I was almost tired enough to go to bed, so I read for a while. Oh, I went back to the park in Bellevue that I found the other day. It's circular -- and has a guard posted. Clearly I live in a wealthy area.

Today I slept in and went to the gym, then over to the house of a couple from work who were having a BBQ. At least they (and everyone else around here) call it a BBQ, I call it a cookout. I don't get it. Anyway, it was fun to see their house and six cats and meet their friends. They were all fresh from a Gay Pride parade through the Capital Hill (I think) area of Seattle, so they were all in a good mood with lots of stories about the event and previous years' parades.

After a fun three hours I headed to work to get some things done before I head off to Columbus, Ohio (wheee!) for the Origins convention. I'll be gone from Tuesday morning until next Sunday, so don't expect to hear from me unless I happend to find someone with a computer and Internet connection.

But that doesn't seem likely in Columbus, Ohio, does it?

Talk to you soon.


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