Sunday, September 08, 2002

I'm tired, so I'm not going to write too much and what I do write will be an overview.

I went to the eye doctor Saturday morning and he seemed to think everything was fine with my eyes. He thought I may have had something wrong, but they seemed fine now -- contacts fit correctly, eyes weren't bloodshot or weird -- so it's all good. He gave me a new perscription for my contacts (my left eye is a little worse, ugh.) and I should have those in a few days.

After the eye doctor's I went and bought the Simpsons Season II DVD Set as well as a copy of The Limey and Ghost Dog. They'll be fun to watch and I used the rest of my birthday money for them, so I'm happy I didn't overspend! Thanks for the presents!

Went to the gym. Gotta be careful about what I'm eating, though.

Sunday I wrote from late afternoon until now (9:45) for the next issue of the magazine. I'm not done with the article, but I made a big dent, so I'm going to go home and watch some movies.


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