Friday, August 30, 2002

I've been busy trying to catch up with everything at work. Things seemed to take more time to do this week than they have in past, so now I'm running a bit behind. I'm sure I'll be all up-to-date by next week, but it's made for a busy week with lots of late nights.

I was trading emails with someone at work today and I mentioned I might go to Bumbershoot music fest this weekend and she said that she was going with her wife and some friends -- so she asked me to join them! Woohoo! I get to do something fun with fun people! I'm very excited. We're going to go see Ani Difranco and then see what else we can find. I'm tempted to see Lou Reed or Concrete Blonde later in the evening. There are a number of other bands I'd like to see. Most of the ones I'd really like to check out are on Monday (Richard Thompson, Jewel, Wilco, and Michelle Shocked) but there are a couple on Sunday (Sonic Youth, Everclear, and maybe John Wesley Harding). I don't think I can spend all weekend there, though, so tomorrow may be all I do. I'm pretty excited about it.

I finished watching the cockatiel earlier this week, and yesterday I finished my two days of catsitting for a couple at work, and starting today I have to do some catsitting for another couple at work. Luckily, this time, their apartment is on my way to and from work, so it's really quick and easy. I go to do that now!

I'll let you know how the weekend goes.


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