Thursday, September 05, 2002

My eyes have been bothering me for the last couple of days. Especially when I have to take my contacts out at night. My left eye actually hurts when I take my contact out. So today I decided to give my eyes a rest and wear my glasses. First, I hate glasses. They suck. Second, I have a headache from wearing glasses all day. Third, my eyes have continued to be red and painful all day. Some one suggested it might be conjunctivitus a.k.a. pink eye, but I don't have the telltale symptoms. All I know is that my eyes hurt. Hopefully they'll feel better tomorrow, but even so, I've been planning on finding an eye doctor soon, maybe this will get me off my butt.

Work is going well. I'm still running behind, but not for lack of effort. Instead, my boss decided to shuffle a couple projects around so I have to work on a new thing that was running late before I got it. Fun!

Tomorrow I'm going to a dinner party a friend from work and his girlfriend are having. She's from NYC and everytime she goes home she brings back a cooler full of authentic Italian fixin's so she can make an authentic Italian dinner. It should be fun.

Yes, I'm still at work, but I think I'm gonna mess with my own stuff for a bit and then go home.

Oh, I finally watched Amelie and Seth was right; it's excellent. There aren't very many people I wouldn't recommend it to. Thanks, Seth!


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