Friday, August 02, 2002

I've been busy with Chris in town, so I haven't been able to update in the evenings like I usually do. Luckily, I can take a few minutes during the day to do it.

It's my birthday and some friends took me out for lunch, then we had root beer floats for my birthday treat at work, and after work a lot of us are headed to Chili's to hang out and have fun. It should be a good time. I may even have a couple drinks.

Over the last few days I've been doing things with Chris; Wednesday night we just went to a local restaurant/bar and talked for a couple hours. Late last night we decided to head down to the Pike Place area. He's a big beer fan, so we went to the Pike Pub & Brewery where we had a couple drinks and talked to Allison the bartender. She was cool. Odd thing: the bar closes every night at midnight because they have an agreement with the apartment buildings in the area that they'll close then. Weird, but cool. After we left there we went to the Alibi Room, seemed cool, but very relaxed (it was Thursday, so that's forgiveable). Walking back to the car we went throught Post Alley and saw some interesting places, but the best thing (in this case "best" means the opposite of best) was when the two homeless people fired up a crack pipe as we walked past. Nice. Then Chris went home, but he's supposed to meet me here at work for a bit, then over for birthday fun.

Work is going well. Lots of figures to write up -- and I like doing that, so it's all good.

Next week is GenCon, then home! Woohoo!


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