Wednesday, October 23, 2002

I've been very good about getting to the gym and having some good workouts, too. I've also been very careful about food. I hope it pays off. I've been stuck at this weight for well over a year and even though I know going to the gym is good for me, it's still very frustrating. I hate frustrating.

I finished watching season 3 of Buffy and instead of buying a new DVD or three I've decided to read as much as I can in the evenings. I have a ton of books to read and I just don't get a chance to read them. This little plan should allow me to save some moolah as well as get some serious book-time in. Right now the only time I read is for about 30 minutes when I'm on the bike at the gym. Let's just say it takes me a while to get through a book that way.

There are a ton of movies in the theatres that I'd like to see, but I have a hard time getting to them. Oh, well, I can always catch them on DVD if I need to. But, really, the theatre is a lot of fun. Dunno why, it just is.

Work has been good. I've gotten a lot done on a new game. Matt and I stayed until 9:00 last night to create an excel spreadsheet for the characters. That'll be very useful. I spent today doing a lot of work in it.

Phil P. called yesterday. We had a good talk. It's good to hear that he's doing some gaming again. I always had the most fun either in his games or when he was playing. I wish I could play with him again. Maybe over Christmas?

Now I'm going to the game store, grab some dinner, then go to the gym.

See you soon.


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