Sunday, April 06, 2003

I slept in Saturday and then went to play Settlers of the Stone Age with a couple of people. It was interesting to see how they'd changed the game, but I managed to win it in about an hour and then one of the other guys said he really wasn't interested in continuing to play because it didn't seem very balanced and wasn't a lot of fun. So, we called it a day and left. I did some laundry, played some Magic with some friends, then ran into Seattle to take care of my friends' cats.

Sunday I slept in until Phil called (no you didn't wake me, it was very good timing, though). Had a good talk with him, but when we finished and I closed my phone, I noticed that the time said it was an hour later than my clock. Hmm, was last night Daylight Savings? I figured it must have been, but I hadn't heard anything about it. I came to work to check on some things, found them in my in-box and worked on them all afternoon -- minus a short break for some games of Magic -- and poked around on the Web for a couple of minutes until I found out that last night was indeed the converstion date for Daylight Savings Time. I also found out some interesting things about Daylight Savings; such as that it was instituted for a while in the early 1900's, but everyone hated it, so it went away. Then it started again and was enforced during WWII. The date that it begins has been changed a number of times (most notably during the energy crisis of the '70's), but the end date hasn't ever changed.

I'm headed out in a few minutesto go and take care of the cats. Somewhere along the way I'm going to grab something to eat, then go to the gym.

I've been pretty bad about the gym lately, but I think now that my major project at work is done, I can really get back into the swing of it.

I've been meaning to mention that there have been a handful of trees in bloom around my apartment for over a month and a half now. And now most of the other trees, bushes and flowers (especially tulips) are, pretty much, in full bloom. It's funny to see how early things wake up from winter around here -- not that we get much of a winter, we didn't even get snow this year. Bummer. The tree right by my bolcony is nearly covered in leaves already and the tree outside my bedroom window is filling in nicely. Oddly enough, the trees next to both of those are completely bare still. They must have a shorter growing season. Or they're dead. I'll have to watch them.

Okay, gotta motor if I'm going to make it to the gym tonight. Bye.


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