Sunday, June 29, 2003

It's funny, you don't update for a couple of days and people get worried. I got an email from my mom on Thursday (I think) asking me what was up, then Seth called today with a message from Glenn and Liana asking if everything was okay because I hadn't updated since the news that my company had been purchased. Honestly, I really haven't had anything exciting -- or even vaguely interesting -- to report.

Company purchased. Nothing changed. Everyone pretty much ignored the news and went back to work. A lot of people left for the Origins convention. We won a bunch of awards, which is nice, but I don't think it has much of an impact on me. It'll be good for the marketing side of things I guess...and the awards will look nice on the shelves in the front office. I was out Friday night when the ceremony was taking place and one of the guys who was at the convention called to tell me "You won!" He was much more excited than I was. The award is for the company, even if I designed the set, I certainly didn't sculpt the figures, make up the game, market it, take the orders, or ship it. Me = small part of a whole company. I did my part , we won, good for us.

For no reason whatsoever, my power was out Saturday morning. I still have no idea why, but apparently it was a problem all over Bellevue. Just a weird thing.

Saturday was actually pretty fun. I slept in, went to the gym, and picked up some comics. I'm trying to cut back on my comics, but, man, there are some good books out there right now. I didn't pick up any books for about a month, so I'm missing issue of a bunch of comics that I have to go find. Bummer. I picked up the comics and a new book for Hero System 5th Edition, the UNTIL Super Powers Database. It's very good and I recommend it to longtime fans and to gamers who don't quite get how to use the Hero System to get the most out of it.

Then I picked up Kim (Kevin, her husband, was out of town at the convention) and we went to a birthday party for one of Shana's (Shay-na) friends. It was a very relaxing, very fun time, with lots of tasty treats and even a little alcohol. And dancing. Dancing in a living room with only six other people is a little odd, but fun.

Earlier in the evening I heard a bunch of stuff by the band Soul Coughing. I don't know how I didn't hear about these guys until now. Hell, they debuted in the mid-90's and have already broken up. I hate that, but I love their music. I picked up their 'best of', Lust in Phaze today. It's a little much in one sitting, but it's fun.

Otherwise, today was laundry day -- oh, my dryer has died and will be replaced on Thursday -- so I found a place to do that. The place happened to be right next door to the Bellevue Uwajimaya. These stores are great! They're an Asian food and gift store and they have some of the goofiest imported snacks. Today I picked up some "melon"-flavored soda and another soda that I have to remember to bring in because it has some Engrish that Seth will appreciate. I picked up some grape gum that's named, clevery enough, Grape. I also grabbed some ju-ju-be type things, some little chocolate bars that are pretty darn tasy, and some chocolate burgers. Really, that last one I'll have to scan. The package is just too funny to miss. I tried to find it on the company's Website, but I couldn't find it. I did, however, really like their 8 keys to success.

This evening I went to the gym. I was pretty sore from yesterday because I switched around my workout pretty significantly and my muslces were telling me not to go too crazy. I think the alcohol I drank last night may have had something to do with it as well, but I don't want to beleive that. The repercussions could be devastating to consider.

I'm finally starting to actually get my hands dirty on my new product line and it's...complex. Much more complex than my old line, but I seem to be picking it up. It's really going to take some time and brainwork on my part. I hope I can do as well as the guy who had the line before me. I'll work on it. I better; that game just won the game of the year award at the aforementioned convention. I don't want to be the guy to screw it up.

Much like Seth, I'm now signed up on Friendster. It's an interesting idea. Basically, you set up a site with all sorts of info about you (or as much as you want to provide) and then invite friends to join (I haven't done this yet, so don't feel left out -- yet. (Actually, if you want to be invited, drop me a line.)). Your friends act as connection points to others on the list, so it's a huge interconnected net of people that are all friends of friends of friends, etc, etc. It's interesting.

Okay. Done now. Time to do some grocery shopping and go to bed.

'Til next time.


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