Monday, September 15, 2003

I've done this twice now. I've started laundry early in the day, then forgotten to run home to change it over, so when I get home at night I still have wet clothes that need drying. I don't want to leave them overnight, so I throw them in the dryer and go to bed. Normally this might result in some really wrinkled clothing, but happily I have a dryer that automatically tumbles the clothing every few minutes if I don't come and get them out. Of course every time the machine runs through these minute-long cycles it beeps when it finishes. So, this morning at about 5:30 I slowly became aware of the sound of "beep beep beep" coming from the dryer every few minutes. If, by the way, you think an alarm clock is annoying, you should try the incessant sound of my dryer. Anyway, I eventually was awake enough that I had to get up and take the laundry out, fold it and then go back to bed for a couple of hours.

Like I said, I've done this a couple of times now and it's such a weird interruption to my normal schedule that I thought it bared mentioning.

My work day was pretty normal, but this evening Chris called and asked if I was interested in going to Fisherman's Terminal for dinner. He'd mentioned it a few days earlier and since I'd never even heard of it before. (Yes, I know, I've been here almost two years and this is a local landmark and I've never seen it. I'm a horrible person.) Anyway, I was interested in checking it out so we hopped in his car and headed out. We stopped at a shoe store so I could buy some new shoes first, but then we headed into Seattle and over to the terminal. It was full of fishing boats docked at piers that were open to the public, so we walked down one to check it out. Very cool. We went to a restaurant right off the pier that has some of the freshest seafood around (big surprise, eh?) and enjoyed a very good meal of shrimp, fish, and crab.

Sure, sure, you're saying, "But Jon, weren't you supposed to go to the gym? It's Monday," and the answer is yes, I was, but I figured since this was Chris' last night in town I wanted to see him off and spend some more time with him. Besides, the game I had planned for tomorrow isn't going to happen, so I'll go to the gym then.

Now I'm going to bed.


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