Sunday, March 28, 2004

I'm doing much better than I was Friday, but I knew that was a short-term thing anyway.

I was able to get a lot done this weekend. Saturday I met Matt for lunch over in Kirkland at the Original Pancake House, then went to pick up comics. There's a Bed, Bath, and Beyond across the street from Zanadu, where I get my comics, so I went and picked up a new frying pan and a couple other things for my kitchen. I didn't really have much else to do, so I went to check out another comic/game store called The Dreaming. I picked up a game book there and then headed home to finish some laundry.

On the way home, just before reaching the 520 bridge traffic ground to a complete stop for about 15 minutes. All I can figure is that there was an accident or something, but it was completely cleared by the time I crossed the bridge.

I stopped by work to check on some things and then took care of some things at home -- and then finally left for Will and Johanna's for their party. It was good to see them again, but the party wasn't quite as much fun as I'd hoped it would be. They did have a very nice new puppy that I liked a lot. She seems like a sweetie.

After the party I stopped by Shana's and visited with her and Liz and Madalyn. They were watching Valley Girl, so I watched it with them. And really, that's about all. We had fun.

Sunday I went to Martin's to play the Age of Mythology board game. It was a little frustrating because none of us knew the game very well, but it went well. It's an odd game because even though I could have won (and was very close to it) I felt like I was constantly at a disadvantage. Personally, I don't think it's a good thing for a game to make you feel like you aren't doing well while you're playing, but I don't know if that's a feeling I'll have if I play a second time; it may just be a matter of unfamiliarity with the game. I was a little annoyed with the endgame because it came very suddenly and we didn't have a chance to play a final turn -- which is what I thought happened when the final resources were drawn, instead, the game ended right then. Again, unfamiliarity with the rules was a big hindrance. I'd definitely play again. The game has a lot of good interplay and effects, and I love how they managed all the different resources in the game. Very cool. Plus it involves mythology, so I'm sold.

After the game was done, Matt and I stopped by the company's game store, picked up a couple things, then played some Magic for a while at Matt's. It didn't take long and when I got back to my place I read for a bit, then went for a walk. On the way back from my walk I did some grocery shopping, then made dinner, and well, that's about it.

I forgot to mention a while ago that everything is well in bloom here. Most of the tress have leaves and some of them are already losing their flowers (if they're flowering trees). I noticed the buds about a month ago, but the last week or so has been really nice, so the plants are growing like crazy. It's nice.


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