Monday, April 19, 2004

Have you ever received input from people, gotten advice on something from different people, or been told to do different things by different people -- all of whom have valid points -- and then not know how to proceed? Not know how to make that final step to a decision?

Well, Seth and I came up with a good way to make the hard decisions. Hell, any decision.

Listen to the advice, then think about the people that gave you that advice, then ask your self this question; Who'd win in a fight? That's right, who'd win? Whoever walks out the winner in your mental battle is the person whose advice you should follow.

I think I making all my decision in this way in the future. Sure, that probably means I'll have to vote for Bush over Kerry, but I'd, for sure, have to vote for Powell if he ran! I could be wrong, maybe Kerry's scrappier than I seem to think, but my feeling is that Bush is a dirty fighter . . . and he'd most likely be armed.

Try it. Just for a day. Plus it works well when you have opinions of your own and someone else gives you advice; could you take them in a fight? Then do what you want -- you already know what'll happen if it comes to blows.

Who says nothing good can come of this? I know have a fool-proof method of decisionmaking. Foolproof.

Except for pacifists. It bothers me that under this decision-making model that I wouldn't have listened to what Ghandi had to say. Ah, well.

By the way, I'm gonig to try to say "Nothing good can come of this" more often in my blog. I'm going to make it show up as often as possible, so that no matter what search engine you use, when you search for that line, you get my blog. Mostly because I think it would be cool to show up first.

I'm still working on ideas for what to run on Tuesdays at work and unfortunately everyone is being very agreeable on what they'd like to play, which means they've all said, "Oh, pretty much anything would be good. I'd just like to play in a game." Grrr.

Dad's birthday was Sunday. Mom's is Friday. I'd forgotten to ask the dates earlier in the month, so now they're cards will be late. Well, Mom's should get there on time. I wish I'd remembered to ask earlier. Bad son.

Time for me to go make some more notes for the game.


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