Thursday, April 15, 2004

I've finally realized what Greg was talking about when he mentioned the Bunz t-shirt. It was a t-shirt for the game Rune that I received a few years ago. The font used made the name look like it said "bunz" (to the people at work it did, at least). I don't know if the folks at Human Head still have any, but I'll find out.

Tuesday night I finished up the comic script I was working on and turned it over to the artist Wednesday. He's very happy with the results and I'm really looking forward to what he does on it. The style of art he's thinking of for this book will be stunning and I hope I can get some sample images to post -- just so you can see.

I jiggled with the script a bit more this evening and it's looking good. Seth was nice enough to give me some feedback and I was happy to hear that it held together as well for him on a first-read as it did. He had a good description of what the story was like but I forget the exact wording. Something like, "This is what you'd get if Keith Giffen read (something, I forget what) fifty times and then tried to write Sandman." If you're a comic fan that will make some amount of sense.

I'm still trying to organize a gaming night at work, but every night seems to be bad for someone, so it's difficult. My boss had mentioned that he'd be interested in playing Deadlands, but then he said he'd like to play just about anything, so I'm going to have to think about what I'd really like to run. It's been a long time since I've run or played anything regularly and I'd love to get something going -- especially if I could alternate weeks with someone else. At the moment I'm tempted to try Deadlands (either the Western setting or the post-apocalyptic setting), d20 Modern, something D&D, Mutants & Masterminds, and I'm sure a number of other games if I were to go look at my bookshelf. I'll think about this some more.

I need to start having people over for things. Parties, whatever. Before I moved here I used to have people over all the time and it's weird that I don't do that anymore. I think that happened because I didn't know anyone when I first moved here, but now I do, so I should get back in the swing of that.

This is really just for me in the future because I think it'll be funny to read that -- Shane and Cathy bought their new car yesterday -- named The Darkness -- and retired their old car -- The Guffy. The Darkness is a great-looking car for a 1977 Datsun 280Z.

When I started writing I really didn't have anything to say and now I really don't want to stop typing. Why do I get like that? It's weird.


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