Sunday, April 18, 2004

People can have fun doing anything.

I went for a walk this evening and as I passed the back of the grocery store I live behind I saw an employee of the store throwing away some expired product (at least I assume it was expired). He was throwing away eggs. He stood back from the enclosed dumpster and whipped the eggs at the back of the dumpster. It looked like fun except for the couple of eggs that shattered in his hand as he threw them.

The rest of the weekend was at least as much fun as that. Friday I went out to dinner with Shane and Cathy. We tried to go to Dragonfish, but when we got there it was closed for renovations and won't reopen until next Saturday. So, we walked up and around the corner to have dinner at Bambuza. None of us had ever been there and we really enjoyed it. The entrees were very good. It wasn't very busy which is a shame. If you're in town, check it out.

Saturday I got up and watched The Virgin Suicides DVD that I'd borrowed from Shana via Katie, Kate, and Beth. It was very good -- frustrating in parts -- but well-written and funny in an odd way. After the movie I ran some errands, picked up comics with Shane, went shopping with him for some things for Cathy's birthday next weekend, and then went home. Shane and I went shopping in lower Capitol Hill and the more I see of that area, the more I like it. I may have to look into moving this summer sometime. There's too much in the city that I can't really take advantage of from where I am now. I'd like to live in a more vibrant area than I do.

I picked up the DVD of Kill Bill Vol. 1, picked up Shana and went to Jen and Hayes' to watch the movie. When it was over we hopped in the car to meet Shane and Cathy at Cinerama to watch Kill Bill Vol. 2. We all enjoyed it. After visiting at Shane and Cathy's a while, we went home. I think I got to bed around 4:00.

Sunday I woke up at a reasonable time and started watching a copy of Vampire Hunter D that I borrowed from Vic a while ago. It's an anime classic, but I have very little good to say about it. Kind of a let down on both the story and art side of things.

Other than watching a ton of movies this weekend I worked on some ideas for the game I'm going to start running on Tuesdays (I think that'll be the day). I'm going to poll everyone tomorrow and see what they'd prefer to play, because I don't have a strong feeling one way or another -- although I'd love to play Mutants & Masterminds again, just to keep the system fresh in my head.

I had lunch with Chris from the company that publishes M&M. We had a nice visit and swapped some product, which was cool.

Um, now I'm bored, so I'm going to go read, then go to bed.


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