Monday, April 12, 2004

I've finished up some big projects at work, so I've actually been able to dedicate some time to the administrative side of my job lately. That's been nice because it's something I feel I neglect too much in favor of actually making the games. Both need to get done and the administrative stuff always loses out.

Friday was a fine day at work. Nothing spectacular, although I did kidnap a couple of people and force them to play a couple games of Diceland. It was fun. I played the game last week and it has some interesting tidbits.

Shana needed to do laundry and since she's a cheapskate (hi Shana!) she accepted my invitation to use my place. We spent the evening hanging out, watching tv, and going to dinner, while her laundry was in the works. It was an action-packed evening.

Saturday I slept in, met Shane for comics and to run a couple of other errands. I even bought a scale, so I can see how this diet thing's been going. I've been walking instead of going to the gym, so I haven't had a scale available to me. Now I do and I can say that my "diet" is working. After the errands I hung out at Shane and Cathy's all night and talked with Shane about the comic we want to make. He has some great visuals for it and we hashed out a number of great ideas of it. Later in the evening we went to Jen and Hayes' to watch a movie and socialize a bit.

Sunday I got up and ready to meet a bunch of people for Easter brunch down at the Broadway Grill (sucky website). Twenty of the twenty-four of us that were supposed to be there actually showed up. It was a relaxed event and we had a good time.

The weather was gorgeous today (and for the past few days actually), so it was nice to get out and drive and walk around. When I got home from brunch I opened the windows to air out my apartment since it's been closed up all winter. Then I sat down in front of the computer and worked on the comic until around seven o'clock when I walked down to grab dinner with Kevin and Kim.

We do dinner every now and again and I was glad to be able to grab them before they'd put something in the oven. We had a nice meal and they were convinced that I should ask out our waitress. Admittedly, I like waitresses (I have no idea why. It may have something to do with the fact that they're always nice to you and they bring you food.), but I don't think it's cool to ask out a waitress. It's their workplace and who knows when they're flirting just to get a better tip -- which I know they do from waitresses I've known in the past. So, anyway, no. Not for me, thanks.

I've continued to work on the comic and I've gotten a lot done, but I still have a couple of pages to go. Regardless, I'm going to turn everything I have over to Shane tomorrow and we'll go over it. Then I can make changes and he can start drawing.

Wow, it's warm in my apartment tonight. I have no idea why.


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