Thursday, April 01, 2004

I'll start with the smallest thing that went wrong and go from there:

I almost cut the tip of my index finger off completely making dinner. I was cutting up some chicken and the knife slipped and glided through the tip of my finger. Blood everywhere.

My car was broken into at work. Whoever did it broke the passenger window, stole the stereo and then set it on fire. The fire spread quickly, but luckily, the building fire extinguishers went off. Of course they malfunctioned, so not only did they not manage to put out the fire raging in my car, but they also turned on inside the building and soaked everything. Books. Computers. Printers. Everything.

Walking home from work I was mugged and beaten by muggers behind the mall.

I have food poisoning from dinner and I've been throwing up all night. It's awful.

When I got home I found my neighbor dead on the landing to my apartment. The cat that lives in the area was chewing on his ear and black blood had leaked from the wound, coating his face and caking the cat's muzzle.

When I reported the body to the police they arrested me, but I escaped and locked myself in my apartment. They're still out there trying to get in, but I've locked the door, turned off the lights and refuse to answer them. I think it's working.

It's April 1st, so I had to try something, right? Last year I fooled a lot of people with my post, but I couldn't really repeat that again this year. My mom already warned me that she wasn't going to believe a thing I wrote here today -- but I still had to try something.

Happy April Fool's Day.

I hope your day is better than mine!


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