Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Seth mentioned his Gmail account and now it looks like I have one, too. I'll play with it more tomorrow.

I've started dreaming with more regularity. Or, at least, remembering my dreams. I've only had a handful of dream in the past couple of years and I've had quite a few in the last couple of weeks. I tend not to dream in a new place and I have to be pretty comfortable, so I guess this means I'm settling in a bit out here.

I've been spending too much time at work. Sometimes it's to stay late and get some work done when no one's around, but often it's to socialize and relax. Regardless, it means I get home late and never have time to do anything constructive. I watched the rest of Leon: The Professional, but I don't know if that counts as constructive. I also chatted with Seth and Chris a bit, which was nice. But as for real work or organizing here at home, nah, nothing to speak of.

I didn't get to do anything for the game I'm starting on Tuesdays because everyone was busy tonight. Kind of a bummer, but next week looks promising. Maybe by then I'll know what we're going to play.


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