Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Convention Fun
I spent the weekend in San Diego at the Comic Con International. It was very similar to how last year's convention went. I even bumped into Joss Whedon, but it wasn't as funny as last time. See, I was working as a line wrangler for the Wayan brothers and I looked up -- and there stood Joss Whedon, talking to someone and looking around.

Why was I working as a line wrangler for the Wayans brothers? Good question. But I think a better question is, "Why would anyone stand in line to meet and get a signature from the Wayans brothers?" Unfortunately there was no shortage to the private answer to that question in the minds of many people at the convention, because we had a pretty solid line for a good  two hours.

Oh, wait, I was explaining why I was playing line wrangler; with radio, assistants, and commanding tone. The reason is, the Wayans brothers went to Topps to produce a card game called The Dozens. It's a wacky game that includes lots of insults about yo' mama! Such as, "Your mama is so dumb, she returned a jigsaw puzzle because she thought it was broken." And Topps decided to make this game and bring the Wayans brothers to promote it at their booth. They didn't have enough security -- well, that's not fair, they would have had enough security, but all the security guys wanted to be close to the Wayanses, so they didn't do much but stand near them, off-handedly tell people not to crowd around, and talk to the Wayanses -- so, I was asked to lend a hand and I did.

I got to meet them briefly, shake their hands, and thank them for signing a card for Shane. I thought he'd get a kick out of it and he did.

The rest of the show pales in comparison, really.

I met with a lot of comic professionals. I was probably most excited to talk with Robert Kirkman, the writer of Invincible. I really like his stuff. He's definitely one of the up-and-coming writers out there right now.

I also talked with the City of Heroes guys quite a bit. We're doing some work with them and we both hope it will continue.

I started work on a game today that looks like it will be some fun. There's a fair amount to it, but I think I'll get pretty much all of it done this week despite the fact that some people are really trying to make this a difficult week.

Oh, Patrick, I got your Skull plush doll. I'll be sure to bring it next time I see you.


At July 27, 2004 8:33 AM, Blogger Seth said...

I admire your ability to seemingly properly conjugate 'Wayans'. It's either that or continue to be enormously jealous that you got to go to Comic Con. I choose the high road.


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