Thursday, July 15, 2004

Headlines Now Included! or
"Look They Added Some Toys to Blogger!"
A few people commented on my last post and the only things I really have to say about the subject is that I know how I'm voting next time -- and it will be very similar to how I voted last time -- and we live in a country that is based on Freedom for its people, not Security. Those are two very different things. I think we need to protect ourselves, but I don't that protection should come at the cost of our Freedoms. Especially since that's what makes this country what it is -- or what it's supposed to be.
Anyway, all that said I'll move onto more mundane things.
Wednesday night Seth, Kate, Katie, and I went to see Napoleon Dynamite. It was a very goofy, very good movie with a lot of character. There were a couple of nit-picky things that I didn't like, but overall it was a lot of fun.
I was still not feeling very well, so I didn't mind going to see the movie, then going home right away, but I had to chuckle later when I thought about it because we picked up the girls, went to the movie, watched the movie, then dropped them off at home again. Not a very exciting night out. No dinner. Nothing but the movie. Ah, well, we can't always be circus acrobats.
Thursday evening I played in the regular game, but it was fairly low key. We had a good time talking and joking around. Next week I won't be there for it, but I'm going to try to convince Seth to come the week after and then join us regularly.
Totally off the cuff: I thought of this the other day. There have always been homosexuals. It's difficult to tell the numbers at any given point in history, but wouldn't it be interesting if they're numbers were growing out of proportion with the number of people in the world? I say that would be interesting because I was thinking "What if homosexuality is one of the human race's responses to continued overpopulation? Wouldn't that be cool?" I have no idea who would do a study to find out something like that -- or even if you could find it out with any sort of veracity since you'd have to have accurate data and you'd have to have it on a geological scale, dealing with numbers over a significant period of time. Even so, I think it's a neat idea. 

As mentioned in the headline, they added some new features to blogger, so I can create headlines and even upload my own pictures or write in color! Cool, eh? 


At July 18, 2004 6:08 PM, Blogger Zusty said...

That _is_ one of those neat ideas, but I dunno if it'd actually make sense, sadly. F'rinstance: do higher-population areas produce more non-reproducing people? Mmmaybe, perhaps in cities, but are we sure that's not to do with higher education or any other factor? What about overpopulated third-world countries? Mammals generally can go either way with the children-survival strategy: having lots and lots of babies in bad times in hopes that some of them will survive, or cut way down and pour all your resources into few children. What mammals hardly EVER do is sacrifice themselves for the survival of their peers, which is essentially what gay people'd be doing. Altruism is very useful, but it's not always the best strategy, reproduction-wise, and it's not all that popular. I think in short we need way more research on this, and now I shut up.


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