Sunday, November 21, 2004

A Great Many Things

I have a number of things to go over, but I'll make it as quick as possible.

Friday night I went to dinner with Shane, Cathy, Shana, and Garth. We weren't exactly sure where we were going to go, so we met at Shane and Cathy's then walked up to Coastal Kitchen. I've gone other this before, but Coastal Kitchen changes their menu and theme frequently. Since a couple of months ago when I ate there they've done it again. This time they have a Spanish theme. The food was excellent and we had a blast at dinner. Very good fun talking about a disaster-themed restaurant with dishes like "bacon, lettuce, and tornado", "tsunamiso soup", "suiside orders", etc. It was goofy and fun. After dinner we watched a movie until late, then we all split up and went home.

Saturday I did laundry, picked up comics, played a game with Matt at work (actually, it was work), read a bunch of comics, and watched most of the Nothern Exposure DVDs I borrowed from Jason a while ago. I'll be able to return them the next time I see him.

Sunday Seth and I went to see National Treasure. It was fun. Not an award-winning movie, but it had some good puzzles, was action-packed, and just a heck of a lot of fun. When I got home I went through the boxes that have been sitting on my floor for a while. I think I'll be able to elimate a couple of boxes-worth of stuff one way or another.

Here's my question for all of you out there; What do you do with old birthday cards?

See, I keep them. I have scads of them. They're hiding in boxes, crevices, and a filing cabinet. I'm a bit of a pack-rat, but I'm trying to change that. The thing is, I have a hard time throwing out birthday cards even though I don't really feel like I need to keep them. So, whaddya think, are they safe to throw out without offending my family and friends -- yes, I mean you!


At November 23, 2004 3:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't worry about it, Jon. Throw them out. I've packratted enough to make up for the both of us. I think I've still got almost every piece of correspondence ever written to me since high school. I've got boxes of it. Even the innocuous stuff like stickies from Ann or notes from Kim telling me to buy something or clean something. It's decidedly strange. One of these days I will have enough to fule a bonfire all it's own for the whole night.

Better idea! Save the cards and bring them back and we'll have enough stuff to burn all night long right now!


At November 25, 2004 12:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My take on throwing out cards:

Most cards can be thrown out if they were store purchased unless you have a strong sentimental reason for keeping them. Hand-made cards are a little trickier, but most can also be thrown out withouth the sentimental reason to keep.

Very few people will be truely offended by you throwing them out (and if you know someone who you think might be offended, keep their cards).

-- Liana


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