Sunday, March 27, 2005

The Most Amazing Thing

The most amazing thing from this weekend had to be the stright flush I got in the poker game Friday night. It was 2 through 6 of diamonds. Apparently the probability of being dealt such a hand is 3 in 200,000 according to this site. Everyone at the table certainly stopped and was amazed. I was especially surprised because I was the big blind and managed to check into the pot with a three of clubs and four of diamonds, then on the flop I had two pair so I stayed in, then more and more diamonds showed up until I had a straight flush and managed to pull someone all-in behind me. It was cool.

I should point out that this was also the first night at poker in which I walked out with more money that I went with.

Saturday I chatted with Jean (my sister, for those not in-the-know). She was feeding the new baby, named Grant Adam O____. He' s healthy and she's getting around just fine. A little sore still, but she says she's better every day. Grant is sleeping well, but is down for three hours, up for two, so she's getting an okay amount of sleep, but I'm sure it's different than she's been used to for the past few years. I can't wait to see him.

Saturday night I had a fun dinner with Shane, Cathy, and Shana at Cedars. I love that place.

Sunday morning I went to Volunteer park to the Easter party Shana put together. She's an Easter freak, so she always does something for it, this year was a picnic with lots of unhealthy food, badminton, an Easter egg hunt, and croquet. It was a blast and we all had to laugh when a squirrel discoverd one of the plastic eggs, carried it off, took the candy out, then went back for more. Needless to say, we had the egg hunt sooner than we planned for so that the squirrels didn't make off with more of the candy. It was a big drizzly, but we'd set up some pavillions and strung a tarp between them, so we had plenty of room for everyone to stay out of the rain and socialize.

I managed to get some 50th level characters in City of Heroes for a number of us at work, so we did some bookkeeping on them and spent this evening running around experimenting with powers and beating up powerful bad guys. It was fun, but I mostly did it so I could create a shapeshifter on another server (that only makes sense to people who play the game, I know. Lemme 'splain: When you get a 50th level character the game allows you to make a new type of character that can change shape. Did that help?) Anyway, now I have Youngstar through his first couple of levels.

I'm very, very tired for some reason, so I'm going to go read and then sleep. Night.


At March 28, 2005 6:53 AM, Blogger Kevin said...

Not to mention dragging lower level characters around to places they SHOULD NEVER GO! =)


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