Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Plumbing the Depths

I spent a number of hours Monday and Tuesday going through two pallets of my belongings that have been residing at my Mom's old workplace for four years. For those keeping score, that's been as long as I've lived in Seattle. I was hoping there was more that I could get rid of, so I could move everything into my parents place, or ship it to Seattle. No such luck. Despite the fact that I spent, um, ten hours going through everything, all I managed to do was throw away 23 boxes worth of stuff and ship seven boxes to my place in Seattle -- oh, and I managed to reduce the two pallets to only one. That's all very good, but I was hoping to do more because I know I can't keep that stuff there forever. Anyone want roughly 4,000+ unalphabetized, uncataloged comics from about 1992 through 2001? Yeah, who am I kidding, like I'd get rid of them?

I'm quite proud of the fact that I got rid of a number of books and magazines without really blinking. Lester inherited quite a few for his daughter and some to sell online. I wish him luck.

Speaking of Lester, we had a nice lunch today and chatted about gaming and work and all sorts of other things.

Because I was going through all of my things I didn't get as much time to visit with my nephews as I (and they) might have liked, but I'll be back for the holidays. My sisters both think I can't wait to get back to Seattle because they think being home drives me crazy, but they're wrong, I really enjoy it. It's a different sort of busy, but it's nice.

My parents bought a RV a while ago and they're talking about making the trip out to see me (despite the price of gas). I think traveling in the RV would be a blast for them, so I hope they do it before the snow comes. Or maybe in the Spring.

I'm all packed and I'll be back to Seattle by around 5:30. See some of you then.


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