Tuesday, August 23, 2005

GenCon Recap Part II

I have a few more minutes, so I thought I'd write a bit more about the last week.

Wednesday I flew to Indianapolis, met up with some friends, had a late dinner, and went to bed at a reasonable time, so I'd feel rested for the convention. My travel was greatly aided by my iPod. Lots of music that takes up a little bit of space.

Over the course of Thursday, Friday, Saturda, and Sunday I had a number of meetings, some of which were very interesting. I especially appreciated meeting some of the people I've had email conversations with as well as meeting some of the contractors that I'm currently working with. I'm happy to report that they were all very personable, friendly, intelligent, and really rather fun.

I walked the floor a lot more than I have in the past seven or eight years, too. In my new position at work I now have the job of playing demos and finding the "new, cool thing". My vote for Xig was already logged below. Since then I see that Robin suggested that Battleground was the cool, new thing, but I have to disagree. While Battleground is definitely cool, the designers really missed the mark (in my opinion) by making the game overly complex -- especially considering simple and attrative format. I may also be slightly biased against them because I've worked on something very similar more than a year ago that hasn't seen the light of day, so some of Battleground's "innovation" was lost on me.

Most of the show I was feeling a bit sick. Actually I felt like my weird throat infection thing was coming back, but I managed to avoid that. By Sunday I was tired, but mostly feeling okay for the drive back to Wisconsin with Kerry and the people with whom he drove. They dropped me in Janesville where I picked up the car that had been left for me and I drove home and went to sleep.

I forgot to mention, Sunday afternoon I received a call from my mom telling me that my grandma had fallen and broken her ankle. (Double compound break. Yeah, ouch.) The challenging part was that she was in a hospital in Marinet -- North of Green Bay. I was going to go, but mom and dad decided to make the trip, despite the fact that they'd just returned from near the Dells that morning. Anyway, after they stayed overnight, they brought Gram home and we installed her in her new (lifting) chair, so she can rest.

Hopefully things will be back to normal now and she can get better in the comfort of her own home.

Oh, the new edition of Mutants & Masterminds released at GenCon and it looks great. I'm looking forward to getting a copy when I get home.


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