Thursday, August 11, 2005

Fun Week

I had a good time this week. Tuesday I went for lunch at (one of) the local Subway(s) next door to which is a store for teachers. I've always meant to go in, so I stopped by after lunch and wandered around. I walked out with two things that I really like. The first is a handheld kaleidoscope made of wood (glass lens, obviously), the other thing is a Brazilian rainstick. You know, those semi-annoying small logs that sound like fairly intense rain is falling when you tip it from end to end. Personally, I've always like them and it wasn't very expensive, so I bought it. Very cool. It's sitting next to me now.

A month or so ago Liz had a birthday party at which I heard a band named !!! (yes, they're name is three exclamation marks). They're often referred to as chk chk chk. Anyway, I heard them and really liked their stuff, so today I managed to find a couple of their CDs. They sort of sound like a modern (slightly techno -- slightly) version of the Clash. Very, very good stuff. I also picked up the new Clould Cult CD. I heard them online a while ago and I really like their stuff, too. If you're in the mood to check out some new music, both bands have some mp3s available on thier sites. Then go buy their CDs. Seriously.

I'm having some great success at work with some projects, but really struggling with the simplest game. I really need to spend some time on it, but the basics are sooooo simple that it's hard to inject the individuality the playing pieces really need in order to reflect their "personalities." Argh. I'll probably spend some more time on it this weekend.

I found someone online yesterday with my last name, so I dropped him and line to find out if we might be related somehow. I also did a little searching for information on Kassel, which is where my dad is from. I found some great sites -- and Mom, you should get Dad over to the computer and show him these links. Great 360 degree shots of some landmarks in and around the area. Apparently Green Bay has an exchange program to Kassel. Funky.

I'm curious how much the city has changed since that last time my dad was there.


At August 12, 2005 12:47 PM, Anonymous rafial said...

You're half Hessian!? Sweet!


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