Monday, September 05, 2005

Back and Settled

The trip back to Seattle was fine. I was worried for a bit that my iPod might run out of power, but turning the backlight off seemed to conserve a heck of a lot of juice, so I wasn't without music for the whole trip. It was a long trip, too, like ten hours with the layover in beautiful downtown Detroit.

Thursday and Friday I managed to dive right back into work and get caught up. I sort of ran out of steam Friday afternoon, but hey, it was Friday afternoon, right?

That evening I played poker with the regular crew, plus Kian showed up. It was nice to see him. He left the company while I was away on vacation, so it was good to chat and see how things are going. Happily, his new wife will be returning on a visitor's visa very soon -- then they can figure out how to get her here full-time. Speaking of immigrating, Cathy finally received her green card, which is pretty cool. That also happened while I was gone.

Shane and Cathy were at the Magic clothing show (that's what it's called, it has nothing to do with magicians or the Magic: The Gathering game). They were there with edoc, which is what's been sucking up most of Shane's time since her left the company. It looks like some very cool designs, but the story aspect makes it extra cool. Hopefully you'll be hearing and seeing (and wearing?) more of this in the next year.

The weekend, I'm a little dissapointed to say, kind of got away from me. City of Heroes had a new update that included some new power sets, so I was sucked back in by them. I just had to check them out. So, lots of hours on the computer. Except for comics, the gym, laundry, drinks with a friend, and a few hours at work.

I haven't been watching much of the news surrounding the coverage of hurricane Katrina, but talk about FUBAR. I remember thinking, "How can they think cramming people into the Superdome is a good idea?" and it turns out that it was an even worse idea than I thought.

Seth, Chris, and I talked briefly about what happened there and how unprepared we are for disasters (which only makes them worse). We're a society of convenience, so we don't need to stock up, I mean, all the supplies I could ever need are right down the street at the store, right? I may have to stock up a bit. I mean, it can't hurt to have some water and canned goods around, just in case. We are in earthquakeland after all.

Talk to you later in the week. Jim gets in tomorrow and will be around until Friday, so I'm sure we'll hang out a bit. Oh, and dentist Wednesday morning, mustn't forget that. Later.


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