Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Sick and Tired

It's ten after ten o'clock, I just returned from dinner with Julia (and a few minutes of grocery shopping) and I'm completely exhausted. About five o'clock today I realized I wasn't feeling so well and I've been tired and feeling poorly ever since. I wanted to see Julia tonight, so we had dinner, but then I really wanted to just coccoon at my place and try to recover by getting to bed early. I'm not sure what early will end up being, but I'll definitely be relaxingm which is basically the same for me.

Anyway, apart from being sick I've been busy with moving my desk to another location at work. That's been a project because I used to have two desks and now I only have one. Luckily, I'm able to put a lot of the games, submissions, and extraneous files on some new shelves we have now. I've also been having a good time getting rid of some crap that's been piling up at my desk for a long time. I like it so far, but I'd rather be over by game design still.

Tuesday night I run Savage Worlds for a handful of people. I'm using the "Savage TV" setting that John ran for us last year; it was a heck of a lot of fun -- even for the new players. I really enjoy that system.

I don't think I've mentioned it here, but I loaded up World of Warcraft a while ago and I've played for a couple of hours. All it's really done for me is to make me want to play more City of Heroes. I'm sure I'll try it a bit more, but I think City of Heroes is more my speed.

I'm going to go relax now. Maybe watch a movie and doze. I'll let you know how I'm doing in a day or so.


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