Sunday, January 08, 2006

New Hotness

I write this to you on my brand-spankin' new flatscreen monitor! I'm very excited about it. I had a bunch of gift certificates and money from my birthday and Christmas gifts, so after rebates it cost me only $180 out of pocket for a 19" LCD monitor. And considering my old monitor was a nine year old 15" monitor, this is a huge upgrade for me.

As for the rest of life, things are going well. We had a bit of an emergency this week as my boss wanted to get part of a big project done early so he could give a presentation, but by midweek we'd worked everything out and underway. We also had to put together some things for a presentation he's giving tomorrow, so that kept us all busy.

Friday night James, Jason, Liz, and I went to play poker at a friend of James'. The night went well for me; I only bought in once ($10), at one point I was up to about $37 and ended the night at $14. I know I made a couple of bone-headed bets, but overall I'm happy with how I did.

The rest of the week is sort of a blur, but I've made it to the gym a few times this week, which I'm happy about. Also, Julia and I have been having a good time. We went to dinner a couple of times last week, watched a movie and had dinner with her parents, and had breakfast/lunch at a restaurant/poker room in Renton. It was a place her father'd taken her for a "lunch date" when she was 11. She was surprised to learn it was a poker room, which was funny to both of us.

Oh, the movie we saw was Walk the Line, which was just as good the second time. It's just a good film.

I've been pretty far behind on listening to my podcasts since I returned from Wisconsin, but I'm only two episodes behind on the Daily Source Code and I'm catching up on my NPR newscasts as I type this. I have other podcasts that I listen to as time allows, but those are the main ones for me.

I watched Silverado on DVD this week. I haven't watched it in a long time and I was amazed at how good it was. Granted, it's not the best movie ever, but it was a great Western and puts me in the mood for a good Deadlands game.

Right now I'm going to sign off and consolidate some notes for a story I'm going to start. I may even begin tonight if I get my thoughts organized. Wish me luck.


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Good Luck!



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