Monday, January 16, 2006

Even More

This weekend I spent a lot of time with my very ill girlfriend. She ended up staying home from work for a few days last week and getting plenty of sleep. I hate being sick and like having someone around to take care of me . . . I had a good mom. Anyway, because of my feelings about being sick I ended up spending time with Julia and trying to make sure she was comfortable and taken care of. And trying not to get sick myself, which seems to have worked out for me. And it seems to have worked out for her, because she was feeling well enough to go to work today. Hopefully she'll be completely back to normal in the next day or two.

To fill the time this weekend we relaxed in front of the television and watched The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers. I've been meaning to watch these again for a long time, so I was pretty excited to do that with her. Now we'll have to watch The Return of the King soon -- then I'll have to make it through the extras. Sounds fun to me.

My last post was about all the reorganizing I was doing and then I followed it up Sunday and Monday by going through my books, games, DVDs, and CDs to find things to get rid of. I decided to get rid of a big stack of everything (only a few novels, though). I ended up getting a lot more money than I would have thought, too. So I bought a new D&D book (Heroes of Horror) and a backgammon board, because I want to learn how to play. It surprises me how many classic games I don't know how to play; any number of card games, cribbage, backgammon, go, Chinese checkers, and I'm sure there's more.

After returning from selling those things I tore down a bunch of boxes that have been cluttering up my dining room, then I sat down to listen to some podcasts and create some Word documents of some really old notes and ideas I had laying around. And that's about it for the long weekend. Tomorrow night I'm running a Savage Wolrds game after work, I'll let you know how it goes.


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