Monday, June 26, 2006

Weekend Away

Just before I was layed off, Julia and I made reservations to go to Ocean Shores. It's a small tourist trap town on the coast of the Pacific Ocean here in Washington. I'd never been to the ocean out here, so when I mentioned that a while ago we decided to make the trip sometime this summer. It just so happened to have come up right around the time of the layoff.

The town was cute, and like I said, very touristy. There were a lot of salt-water taffy, fudge, ice cream, and arcade stores around. Along with far too many "memento" shops. Oddly, we didn't buy any mementoes. But I threeatened Julia with buying a tacky shot glass.

We took off on Thursday and drove the two-and-a-half hours to Ocean Shores and then just took it easy for most of the weekend; we walked the beach, checked out the sand and sawdust festival they were holding, watched movies, looked through antique stores, and pretty much relaxed and wasted time. Oh, and I caught up on all the comics I've let pile up in the past few months. It was a really good time.

Sunday we had to get back so we could go to Woodinville to see Elvis Costello play at the Chateau Sainte Michelle winery. The show was at seven o'clock and we made it with time to spare for a quick picnic on the lawn. Again, it was a really good time.

Today I washed the car (wow, that sand really sticks to cars well), got a haircut, had lunch with Seth, and answered a lot of piled up emails.

I have an interview set up for next week as well as another meet-and-greet meeting to schedule for sometime next week that may lead to some kind of work. Oh, and I was offered some freelance work, but I'm a little fearful of taking on something that will suck up too many hours if I find full-time work. It's definitely work I'd enjoy, though, so I'll have to figure it out soon.

Okay. I'll be back soon. Later!


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