Sunday, May 07, 2006

Hey There!

Another week gone by without a post. Apparently having someone you want to spend a lot of time with is detimental to blogging on a regular basis. Sorry about that, but it's definitely worth it for me.

This past week has been good. Work has been none too exciting, but Julia and I have been busy with other things, which have been fun. Thursday night we had dinner with her parents on their boat. We took a nice cruise around Lake Washington and the two of us even piloted for a while. Or is it captained? Drove? Who knows? Regardless, we were in control of the boat. The weather was nice and we grilled and ate on the boat which was cool.

Friday an old co-worker of Julia's had a party in West Seattle. The hosts had a great house with a nice open floor plan and after hearing them talk about what they bought the place for and what they plan to sell it for I can't help but think, "Man, I really should have bought a house or condo when I first moved out here." Really, it's ridiculous. Anyway, the party was fun and I got to meet a lot of the people Julia works or has worked with.

Saturday we ran around to a bunch of thrift stores to look for old jewelry for Julia and we have pretty good luck. Thankfully thrift stores usually have pretty good book sections, so I also found a handful of novels I'll never get around to reading. That night I met up with Seth for his birthday dinner. It turned out that only he and I would be sharing dinner because everyone else was going to meet up with him later at a bar and billiards place called, The Garage. So, I ended up having a nice, relaxing talk with Seth, but I missed out on the really social part of the evening with all the others.

Sunday was a lazy day, but I'd forgotten my credit card at the B&O when Julia and I ate there on Saturday afternoon, so we went back there for brunch...and to pick up the card. After that we ran around to a bunch of thrift stores in and around Ballard, however, we had no luck finding any goodies, which was a bummer. We were close to a game store in Ballard, so I stopped by and wound up buying the new minis game from Privateer Press, Hordes. It looks very good (but then, all their stuff does) and I'm looking forward to spending some more time with it.

I read all of the Infinite Crisis series today. (If you don't know comics, you can skip this part, by the way.) I'd let the whole thing (along with a lot of other comics) pile up and I figured I should read it now that they'd completed it and have headed into the next stage of the story. Well, what can I say? For what it was, it was good. I think this was the bookend to the Crisis on Infinite Earths series from 20 years ago. It's a clean up of the past and a set up for the future that does away with a lot of messy continuity and (hopefully) allows the creators to tell better -- not such grim and gritty/downer -- stories in the future. Anyway, it was an okay series. Seth had big issues with the art inconsistancies, but they didn't bother me nearly as much as they bothered him.

Okay, I'm sleepy, so I think I'm going to go and get some rest. More later.


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