Monday, May 01, 2006

I Want!

I've had a toy cube-thingie since I was pretty young. I have no idea when, where, and from whom I received it, but I love the thing. I never knew what it was called or where to get a new one, but today I happened to stumble onto a site that has some available. Admittedly, they're a bit pricier than my plastic knockoff, but oh how I want one of these. I guess they're called Yoshimoto Cubes...who knew?

Dang! I hate that that store is located in England. They have a number of things I'd love to get my hands on. The various dice sets they have are still super cool.

I found a note from a couple of weeks ago about how many words there are in the English language. Apparently at the time of whatever I read (or maybe it was a podcast) the number stood at 988, 968 -- and the number should reach a cool million sometime between November and April. Funky.

One of the guys I work with is a member of a hip hop dance company that performed at the Apollo a while ago. You can check out the video here. He's the guy in the black and white hat and the #1 jersey.


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