Tuesday, January 16, 2007

First Post!

It's very strange that this is the 16th of January and this is the first post of the year. I rarely go so long without posting, but I've been working on my freelance project pretty much nonstop and I'm happy to report that I got it done on time and turned in without incident. My share was about 75 pages and I think it turned out alright. We'll find out what the developer thinks once he has a chance to look it over.

After I finished the writing on Friday, Julia and I spent some of the weekend cleaning up around the house and getting things organized. I was really happy to go through all of my WizKids stuff and get it (mostly) sorted into piles. I'm going to have someone start selling it for me soon, so if anyone's interested in my personal copies of all the WizKids stuff, look for it on eBay soon. I'll be sure to update here when it's actually online.

Oop, gotta run. I swear I'll update again soon.


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