Sunday, December 10, 2006

Working Away

A week ago Sunday (while Julia was doing a show downtown) I met up with Seth, James, Dylan, and David (the last two from James' work) to sit down and make characters for a new D&D game (set in Eberron, which was a surprisingly easy sell to everyone involved). That went well and we all agreed to meet up again on Friday for the first session.

On Tuesday, Seth and I went to Jason's to play his new Wii. That was pretty cool. It was interesting to see a new way to play games and interact with what was going on on-screen. If you get a chance to check out this console, you should, it may surprise you. Oh, and Jason will be joining the D&D game as well, so he worked up a character, too.

Wednesday morning I woke up with really cold arms. That was weird, so I layed there and started thinking about whether I'd heard the furnace turn on recently. I waited long enough to make certain that my suspicions were right; no furnace. I got up, checked the thermostat which was at a rather chilly 60 degrees. So, I went down to the furnace, made sure it was one, then make sure that a fuse wasn't blown, then hit the reset button. The furnace started up, but then stopped a few minutes later. Bummer. I called the oil company that's serviced it for the past, oh, I dunno, 70 years, and told them something was wrong. They came out later in the day and it turns out we were out of oil. So, they refilled the tank and we were off and running again. It was quite a little adventure.

Thursday, Julia and I went to her grandfather's so she could pick out some things from his place before he moves into his new place (which won't accomodate everything he has). We picked up some very good things for the house including gardening equipment, various tools, nails, screws, etc., and some other vases and such.

Afterward, we worked on a household budget -- which was really good. Now that we're in the house and we know what some costs are looking like, we needed to plan things out a bit. That went well and it looks like we'll have to watch our expenses, but things should be pretty good for us, which is nice.

Friday night I ran the first session of the new D&D game. The characters were Gan (Seth), a changeling rogue, Grace (Dylan) a warforged fighter, and Quae Ror (James), a human artificer, in addition, Jason will be playing a human wizard when he joins us. The game generally went well, but the handful of zombies I threw at them turned out to be a bigger challenge than I thought because the weapons they were using weren't the right choice for zombies. Ah, well, 23 rounds of combat later, they'd defeated the zombies and were on their way to hunting down a warforged raiding party.

I spent most of Saturday working on various things, including a bunch of time spent on my freelance writing assignment.

Sunday, Julia and I happened upon a great little estate sale and ended up picking up two bookcases, a bureau, some clothes, and some other tidbits for around the house. We got some great deals for everything and all the big pieces look great in the house.

Now, I have to head to Julia's parents' place for our Christmas gift exchange becaues this is the best chance for everyone to get together.

More soon!


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