Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Whack to the Side of the Head

Saturday, Julia and I spent about five hours in the backyard cleaning up the garden. We shoveled the dirt in the compost heap into a flowerbed so we can use it in the future. Then we shoveled all of the leaves, sticks, and such into the composter where it is now merrily rotting away thanks to the worms and other little critters.

I carted 30+ paving stones from where the previous owners had set them in the lawn and used them to create a paved path around the flower beds that were already in place. I'll try to get some pictures and post them so you can see the difference. Julia and I are both very pleased with how it turned out. It'll also keep us from getting really muddy feet as we stomp around out there, too. Which is nice. The only bad things are how tiring it was to move all the stones and how sore I was the next day. Ouch. Oh, and I scraped my head on a light post in the backyard, so I had a four- or five-inchlong welt on my head for a couple days. Ouch, again.

We wanted to move the stones because construction will start next door sometime soon. We want to make sure that we have everything we want from that part of the yard. I think the only things we have left to move is an old trellis-bench and some rocks that should look good in the yard.

Monday I filled out an application/test for a possible job. It was entertaining, but I hope I won't need to take the job -- or any job other than the one I've been working for the last few months. Things are looking pretty good there again, but it's always challenging to get things rolling.

We took a break from gaming this past week. The Sunday D&D game is on hold until people are available again, which should be in a couple weeks. The Tuesday game was called due to illness. I was bummed about that because I was really looking for playing a game -- and looking forward to checking out Spirit of the Century. Oh, well, I guess it'll be a month before we can try again. In the meantime, I've prepared some ideas for the next few sessions of Warhammer. I still have time to work out some things for D&D, but it's going well.

I've fallen behind on reading my comics. The last couple of weeks I've spent reading Faerys Tale and Agon, both of which were pretty fun, but I think I prefer Agon. It's subject matter is more interesting to me and I think Faerys Tale is much too complicated for its intended age group (kids 6+). Anyway, I figure I'll catch up on my comics this weekend, especially since I don't need to keep reading Spirit of the Century for another month.

More soon.


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