Thursday, February 08, 2007

Weekly (?) Recap

Julia and I went to her granddad's funeral service this weekend. It was very nice. I was fine until one of the grandkids got up and sang a song he'd written for the service -- then I was in tears. I didn't know "granddad" well, but he was a very, very nice guy that everyone in the family liked. So, I was fine until the singing started, for some reason the emotion that comes through in a person's voice when it gets all thready from holding in their sadness really gets to me. Anyway, from that point on I needed a tissue.

In related news, we received a new couch and chair -- and dumped Julia's old couch. The new stuff is great, but we're still figuring out how to keep the cats from ripping it up.

In other news, I played poker on Monday with some friends. The good news is I won $1.00, the bad news is, I didn't win more. Actually, I was pretty happy with how I played, unlike how the last few times have gone. I'll keep working on improving. Besides, I like the mental exercise involved and the game itself is a good time.

The Sunday D&D game has been going well. I think the group really needs a healer of some kind, but something will come up. Right now they're working on clearing out a keep that their lord was given. The funniest bit was when they tried to distract a strange dragon-bat-thing by throwing chickens to it.

Warhammer has also been going well. (How the hell did I get sucked into running two games at once?) The feel of the game is very different than the D&D game, which is nice, and I'm giving the players a lot of leeway in terms of setting their own agenda. One of the characters has even joined the city guard, which might make "adventuring" a bit difficult. Luckily it works with the plot, so I'm good with it. We'll take a break (for a week) from the Warhammer game in a couple weeks so Wilhelm can run Spirit of the Century, which should be fun. I love pulp games.

Liana left a comment on foam fighting (see Post #666, below), and I guess I can see how it'd be a fun thing to do. But I'm still not going to do it. Call me fickle.

More later.


At February 12, 2007 5:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, any small, but vicious, dogs in the Warhammer game? Oh Fang, how we miss thee!

-Kevin R-R


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