Friday, January 04, 2008

Old Friends

Out of the blue I was contacted by an old friend from Madison. He decided to do some random Googling and found me via my blog (at least I'm pretty sure that's how he found me). It's been nice to catch up with him since I don't think I've had a conversation with him in, wow, like 15 years. It's gotta be something like that.

He was a gaming buddy in college, but he joined the military and moved away shortly before I finished with school and we sort of lost touch. No Internet in those days. And when I say he was a gaming buddy in college, you have to understand what my college gaming days were like.

Thursday we played at Union South from 6:oopm until 11:00pm.

Friday we played at Memorial Union from 6:00pm until midnight (sometimes later if the game ran over and we had a place to take it. I remember one game that didn't end until 7:00am, but that was mostly because we were all very distracted, tired, and goofy.)

Saturday we played at Memorial Union from noon until midnight.

We mostly played Champions, but we threw in pretty much anything else you could think of: Cyberpunk, D&D, Star Wars, DC Heroes, Ars Magica, Torg, Marvel, GURPS, Call of Cthulhu, Rolemaster, our own homebrews, and many more.

There were a core group of us that played together and the guy that contacted me was one of them until he left.

Anyway, a nice bonus to hearing from him is that he's put me in touch with another old friend from those days. So now I'm happily back in touch with them and really enjoying it.

They both play City of Heroes, too, so I may have to hop on again and play with them. I wish I could find more time.


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Dave Woodson?



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