Friday, January 04, 2008


Julia and I picked up some paint and supplies on Wednesday night, then went to her condo Thursday night to paint the bedroom. The color we'd chosen was a couple shades darker than the old wall color, but it looks great on the walls.

The previous renters are out now, so it was easy to tape the room and paint it in a night. I did the taping, then Julia painted around what I'd taped, then we both grabbed rollers and went to town. The big areas fell before us, then it was time to start on the ceiling. It was tricky, but we managed to get it done with only a little bit of unhappiness on our part. Even so, we're going to go back and try to touch up the border as much as possible.

The bedroom is now a nice, rich brown -- almost like a light-colored coacoa -- which makes the mouldings, doors, and the closet really stand out and look extra clean (because they're white).

The condo was supposed to have its carpets steam-cleaned today, but the cleaner had the flu and had to cancel. He rescheduled for Saturday afternoon.

The place it really going to look great and hopefully we'll have it rented again soon.


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