Friday, May 30, 2008

Office Stuff

I have a couple of job interview things going on.

I had a second phone interview with one company. I think it went well and the position sounds like something I could excell at since it's mainly creative in bent. I hope things progress on that front. They said they'd get back to me within a week.

I also have a level design test that I'm working on for another place. I came up with a good idea for that right away, so now I'm sketching things out and organizing my thoughts. I hope to be done with that by Monday.

On a side note; my printer -- which is easily 10 years old or more now -- has been malfunctioning for quite a while. It prints and all, but the rubber rollers that guide the paper through the printing path had deteriorated to the point that the heat of printing made them gooey so they stuck to the paper and gave them big black marks along the back. Well, last night I dicided to rip the things off and now the printer is working fine. That's good because I just started a new editing project so now I can actually use it to print out some pages. And it means I can put off buying a new printer until I actually have a job.

Which I hope will be soon.


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