Monday, May 19, 2008

Digging In the Dirt

Julia and I both love our compost heap in the back yard. We're completley impressed by the whole process of the crap we throw in there being broken down and turned into useable soil. Sunday morning we were up early, had some food, then decided to turn the compost heap since we hadn't done it in a long time. We were a little afraid that our neglect of it meant that it wasn't operating at its best, but when we started turning and aerating it we found some really nice, dark dirt just below the surface! Woohoo!

We'd just picked up some pots from storage, so we continued to turn the heap and unload some of the dirt into the pots for later use (and to clear out the compost heap since it was fuller than it ought to have been). Now we have a well-turned heap and a bunch of pots of fresh dirt. Plus we have more room in the heap to throw new yard waste on top.

Anyway, that was Sunday morning. The previous days were filled with other bits of excitement.

Friday we spent some time taking care of a few things at the condo. The most time-consuming of which was replacing the hardware on the front door. I played locksmith and handyman by taking off the old deadbolt and handle, then put the new ones on. It was tricky at points, but it turned out looking great.

Saturday we ran some errands and enjoyed the beautiful weather. And I mean really freaking beautiful 80+ degree weather. So nice. (I know we did more on Saturday, but I can't for the life of me remember what it was right now.)

And the only other bit of excitement for me, was on Sunday when I ran my D&D game. I reveiwed my notes before the game and noticed that I stopped writing recaps of the game sessions last year in April, which was for session 15. So, now, more than a year later I figure we must be over 40 or so sessions into this campaign. That surprised me.

This week in the game we (mostly) wrapped up the current adventure. The players reached their goal, but in order to recover the item they'd been sent to recover they had to kill the Good creature that guarded it. After a lot of talking and arguments from both sides they decided that they just couldn't bring themselves to do it, so they left empty-handed. But no before going back out into the dangerous part of the dungeon and taking out another squad of devils and their servants--including a very powerful Malebranche--with some clever planning. A couple of the characters finally hit 10th level, too. Now they leave to explain why they're coming back empy-handed.

Okay, time to get some work done.


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