Thursday, May 08, 2008

We Condo It!

The last week has been a bit crazy. Our renter is out of the condo, which meant it was time to go clean the place up and make it look presentable.

I spent last Thursday cleaning the place by myself. When I walked in I could tell we'd need to paint it, but I thought there might be a chnace that wouldn't be the case.

I told Julia about it and she said she felt the same way, so we showed up on Friday with painting supplies and spent all day painting with her dad. He rigged up a contraption that allowed him to reach the top of the 16' ceilings in the stairwell. We were worried we wouldn't be able to paint that, but he solved that problem, which was good.

We spent the whole day and night painting, but didn't quite manage to get finished, so we were back on Saturday and painted all day again. We also moved a bunch of furniture into the garage, then upstairs (after we were done painting) and did some staging until we gave up for the day.

Then we were back early Sunday morning to take over a bunch more furniture and finish staging the place. By the end it turned out great! I mean really stunning. Probably better than when Julia lived there, actually. We're hoping the sprucing up will net us a quick sale. Which in turn will make buying the new house that much easier.

We'll be trying to sell the place on Craigslist before we go to an agent in order to give the buyer a better deal on the condo and to make it easier all around. I repeat: If you know anyone looking to buy a condo in the Renton/Seattle area, please pass them on. Thanks.

If I get some photos of the condo, I'll post them.

Oh, I'll also try to get some new photos of the new house. They've probably finished with the siding by now, so it should look pretty darn good--from the outside. The inside is still a little hollow, although we do have a fireplace, bathtub, showers, and heating ducts now. And probably more than that now.

On the job front, I have a couple of good job leads. I have a phone call later today with one place and I have to get my resume and some samples out to another place. Both sound interesting and promising. I'll let you know how it goes.

I just finished up my latest editing project for Green Ronin and sent my questions to the developer so he can supply the answers I need before I turn the whole thing over to him. Hopefully tomorrow.

Every time I work on one of the projects I really want to play a superhero game. Even though my D&D game has been going great for well over a year now, it makes me want to take a hiatus and play a supers game. Ah, pipe dream.

More soon, I swear.


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