Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Started Last Night

I actually sat down to start writing this post last night, but then Julia and I decided to go rent some movies from the Hollywood Video near our home. They'd sent us a coupon for three free rentals, otherwise we'd never have done it. We ended up renting the newest Indiana Jones movie, which neither of us had seen, Sweeney Todd, and Baby Mama. (I may be wrong about the last one, but I know we talked about getting that because we both like Tina Fey.) When we returned home we watched the Indy movie. It was good and it would have been fun to see in the theatre.

As for the last few days, Friday night (Halloween) we wound up having Julia's parents over to watch a movie and take turns answering the door for trick-or-treaters. I think we had about five groups. The funniest part of the night was watching Shaun of the Dead with them. Julia suggested it because she (and I) love it, but once we were about 15 minutes in we were regretting it because of some of the language and the gore. It's funny how much of that we'd forgotten because we like the movie so well. Her mom couldn't handle it and started puttering around the house, but her dad stayed and watched the whole thing with me and even laughed a few times.

Saturday we ran some errands, including some shopping for the dinner later that night. Julia had a bunch of coupons from a "welcome to the neighborhood" kit, so we managed to get some really good deals. I think we saved about $40, maybe more.

I spent the afternoon working on a test for a potential new job. It was actually a lot of fun and I hope something comes of it. I mostly finished it on Saturday, but I kept thinking of things I wanted to change on Sunday, so it wasn't really done until I turned it in Monday morning.

Saturday night all of Julia's family came over for dinner. We'd planned to do something else with them that night, but it was cancelled a day or so beforehand, so Julia offered up our place for tacos and lemonade. Which is exactly what we had, then we played Uno a few times before everyone took off.

Oh, my games Saturday and Sunday were both cancelled, too, so no gaming for me this weekend -- except for Uno.

Sunday morning we tried a new dim sum place near Factoria Mall called Top Gun. Seth recommended it to me and we were excited to try it out since it's closer than the other places we like. It was a little chilly, but the service was fast, and the food was about as good as the other places we like. I'm sure we'll go again.

After breakfast we thought about buying a new phone for Julia, but ended up getting one from her brother that will work great. Since we were at the mall, Julia did a little more shopping, but didn't really find anything she liked, so we went home and relaxed for the afternoon.

And there you go. That was my weekend.

Now I'm getting set to head over to Seth's to run my superhero game tonight.

More soon.


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