Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Julia surprised me with a ticket home last weekend, so I took off Friday night and spent the weekend in Seattle with my girl and no plans! We had a great time tooling around town doing whatever the hell we wanted.

Saturday we spent the day checking out rummage sales, plant sales, and cooking some yummy burgers on the grill.

Sunday we bought some things for the garden, then spread 15 bags of red mulch all over the front yard and wow! did it look fantastic. I'm hoping Julia can take some pictures soon.

Now I'm back on Los Gatos and hard at work on the game. It's going well and Jim and I have had a number of good ideas in the past couple of days.

I'd normally be running my D&D game tonight, but it was cancelled due to people being unavailable or just plain tired, so I'm headed home for the evening.

More soon.


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