Thursday, June 16, 2011

Crazy Full!

Our garage is packed to the gills (even though garages don't have gills) with stuff for our garage sale. Julia and I have plenty of stuff to sell, but then her mom and brother brought a bunch of boxes of their stuff to add to the mix and we're overflowing!

Here's some pictures to give you an idea of what it looks like. And this doesn't include the clothes we'll have to lay out on blankets on the ground and furniture we have to move out of the way and set up outside -- or a couple of boxes of toys, a "free" box, and a 25 cent bin that aren't shows in this pictures. I hope we get a lot of business!

As you can see, lots of games and home decoration stuff!

This, and my work during the day, has been pretty much my whole week. Plus, the sale is going to eat up most of the weekend, but I think it'll be a good sale and it will be great to clear some of this stuff out! Can you imagine how many more boxes this would be if we had to move it again? (Not that we're moving anywhere, mind.)


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