Friday, May 24, 2002

Hmm, I realized that I only updated on Monday this week and I wanted to get something on here before the weekend. I may be in this weekend, but I may not have much to say.

This week was good. My replacement arrived and I trained him, so now I only have one job to do, which means I have a reasonable amount of work to do and can probably start getting out of here at a reasonable time from now on. Y'know, unless I'm screwing around. It feels weird not to have so much to do that I can't see an end in sight. I'm hoping I get used to it. Maybe I can even get a social life.

Last night I went to see Panic Room at about 10:00. I walked over to the theatre, asked for the ticket and the woman behind the counter said, "You'll have the theatre all to yourself. No one else is seeing that tonight." And, sure enough, there was no one but me there. It was pretty cool. Good movie, too. I really like David Fincher's style and the pacing was excellent. I recommend it.

One of the guys at work is headed home because his mom died yesterday, so I have to take care of his cats, so I'm headed there later. First, though, it's time for a trip to the gym, then dinner.

Maybe I'll post some this weekend.


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